When photos and video come TOGETHER you get content that is attention grabbing.

What are cinemagraphs? It’s a hybrid of video and stills where we use moving elements of video to enhance a photo.

We take the two mediums and combine them to create short 5-10 second that loop seamlessly when played.

Cinemagraphs are perfect to make your brand stand out on social media, digital advertising boards, and more. While a beautiful picture may get someones attention, a cinemagraph will keep it.

The best content is that which gets your viewer to stop scrolling through their feed.

sugar pour distillery cinemagraph
Distillery Award Cinemagraph
Camping coffee brew product cinemagraph

Build a library of content in a single day

Having digital content to share consistently is needed to make an impact in this digital age. With our help we can create a digital asset library that fits your brands message and allows you to have content to share for months to come. Since the creation of cinemagraphs use both video and still photography elements, we can help craft a library of content that can be used to enhance your social media posts.

Social CONTENT that helps all kinds of brands.

Let us help you create content that’s attention grabbing like no other. Best of all its easy to add on bite size content on to any size of production to get the most value out of a shoot.



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