Video content that showcases yo band in the best light. This is Hero content.


What is a hero video?

You want to share your brands message through powerful imagery that and that’s where the hero video comes in. Weather its a short 15-30 second social media piece or a multi-minute narrative piece, this video piece shares a visual story with your audience.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many is a video worth?

Press play and let your videos do all the hard work.

Not only is video content extremely customizable, its powerful as well. With more and more people watching video daily, you can’t afford to not to communicate to your audience without it. Ask questions, provide answers, tell stories, and build a brand through video. With a crew roster for projects of all sizes, no project is to big or to small for us. Located in central Florida and providing video across the state in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville.


Watch on mobile. That’s half of your audience!

75 Million

Americans watch video on mobile platforms a day


Increase in conversions with the use of video.

Full service video production from start to finish


  • You’ll receive our discovery form to learn more about your business and goals for video marketing through a meeting.

  • After our meeting, we brainstorm ideas for the best way to tell your story for your target audience.

  • We then put together a crew of talented people and lock down locations and dates for the video shoot.

The Video Shoot

  • Our crew arrives ready to rock and roll, filming your videos concept.

  • After filming all the meat and potatoes of your video, we also make sure to get all those visually pleasing detail shots.

  • All of this is done in a non-intrusive way with us leaving set like we were never there.


  • We start by loading in and backing up everything we produced on the shoot day.

  • Organize and go through all the footage we shot finding the best shots.

  • Piece together a rough cut of the video for your approval, making any requested changes.

  • With your approval we move on to mastering sounds and coloring footage so it looks its best.

  • Submit a video for final client approval, and then create a digital file for delivery.


Pricing for full service video production starts at $3000. On average these projects usually come to $4000-$6000. We also offer low cost budget video options with our 3 Step Videos.

Add-ons to save on time and costs

With a video shoot already being produced, think about adding a photographer, start building a micro content library, create some animated social content, or take the stress off with content management.



Content Management